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Dance with Alpacas and ALPAs


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October 13, 2017
Dance with Alpacas and ALPAs
Social Media

Due to the many confusions, we must make it clear that ALPA cameras are not related to the pretty, sweet animals from the Andes and should not be confused with them. Likewise, ALPA cameras are not manufactured by Alpacas, nor are ALPA cameras disguised Alpacas. Therefore and for a better understanding: Top left = ALPA camera; top right = Alpaca; bottom left = Alpaca; bottom right = ALPA camera.

Unfortunately, ALPA cameras are not designed for cloven-hoofed animals (the same applies for Danish red deer or Swedish moose when an ALPA is used together with a digital back from @phaseonephoto or @hasselblad_official ). Alpacas can hardly do anything with ALPA cameras or use them. Of course, Alpacas can be easily photographed with ALPA cameras. ALPA cameras and Alpacas can also be combined for photographic expeditions and the like at any time.

Rule of Thumb

With hair = Alpacas, without hair = ALPA cameras.

Thank you for your understanding 😎


You can find the original post on our alpacamaras Instagram account.