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Complete Range of Lens Shades


ALPA offers now a complete range of dedicated and optimized lens shades made from additive manufacturing.

May 4, 2016
Complete Range of Lens Shades

ALPA is now offering a complete range 16 types of additively manufactured lens shades for all HR Alpagon and HR Alpar lenses. The subtype 0 identifies the round shades when using the full image circle where the subtype 1 is optimized for sensor sizes up to 40x54 mm without or only a small amount of movement (especially also with sensors of smaller sizes than 40x54).OverviewALPA Lens Shades OverviewList of the ALPA Lens Shades[/en/article/lens-shade-hr23-type-b1|ALPA Lens shade HR23 - Type B1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr23-type-b0|ALPA lens shade HR23 full - Type B0][/en/article/lens-shade-hr28-type-i1|ALPA Lens shade HR28 - Type I1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr28-type-i0|ALPA lens shade HR28 full - Type I0][/en/article/lens-shade-hr32-type-d1|ALPA Lens shade HR32 - Type D1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr32-type-d0|ALPA lens shade HR32 full - Type D0][/en/article/lens-shade-hr35-type-a1|ALPA Lens shade HR35 - Type A1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr40-type-h1|ALPA Lens shade HR40 - Type H1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr40-type-h0|ALPA lens shade HR40 full - Type H0][/en/article/lens-shade-hr50-type-e1|ALPA Lens shade HR50 - Type E1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr50-type-e0|ALPA lens shade HR50 full - Type E0][/en/article/lens-shade-hr70-type-c1|ALPA Lens shade HR70 - Type C1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr70-type-c0|ALPA lens shade HR70 full - Type C0][/en/article/lens-shade-hr90-type-f1|ALPA Lens shade HR90 - Type F1][/en/article/lens-shade-hr90-type-f0|ALPA lens shade HR90 full - Type F0]