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Resolution at the (tree-) top


ALPA Equipment enables impressive outlooks even inside.

August 23, 2015
Resolution at the (tree-) top

Especially when conventional cameras reach their limits, it is time for technical cameras made by ALPA.In the presented case, the timber business OLWO from Worb (Canton Bern, Switzerland) intended to integrate an almost 13 meter high forest picture in the stairwell for the construction of their office building. Already when entering the foyer one is greeted by a typical spring atmosphere with young sprouts and the characteristic light spots. When rising up the stairs, a new view of the trees opens up with each floor until facing the treetops on the top floor.The sheer size of the print and the related demands on the resolution constituted a major challenge to the photographer in charge. The constantly changing light conditions of Spring as well as the movement of the peaks in the wind required to work quickly. For this reason, the choice fell on a vertical panorama of seven individual shots. In order to achieve the smallest possible change in perspective, a long focal length, the [|Schneider Kreuznach Apo Digitar 6.8 / 210mm in ALPA mount] was used with a [| ALPA 12 TC] along with a Leaf Credo 60 digital back.As for the panorama solution, the [|Novoflex VR Pro system] was selected, which by means of the UniQ / C connector system harmonizes perfectly with the[|ALPA adapter plate]. The combination of these components allows for a precise and sturdy, but also a quick and safely operated setup.The result is convincing not only to the executive architects but brings all staff and customers of the company OLWO great joy.


Photographer: [|Webseite Hans Rupp]Making of: [|Hans Rupp at work]Client: [|Firma OLWO]Print: [|Flagprint]