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ALPA's 20th and 70th Birthday


In 2016 ALPA of Switzerland celebrates a double jubilee: 20 Years Medium Format System ALPA 12 and 70 Years ALPA as a camera brand.

February 28, 2016
ALPA's 20th and 70th Birthday

On 19th February 1946 the registration of the ALPA brand took place by Pignons SA. They produced legendary 35mm cameras made in Switzerland. After some turbulences in the 1990's Ursula Capaul and Thomas Weber bought the ALPA brand on 29th February 1996 and revived and repositioned it as modular medium format platform. ALPA of Switzerland and the ALPA 12 medium format system were born.Therefore ALPA of Switzerland celebrates today and in 2016 both its 20th anniversary in medium format with the ALPA 12 platform and its 70th birthday as a camera brand. We will continuously add to the ALPA story and illustrate its history throughout the year 2016.We would like to thank all our great customers for their loyalty and for sharing the spirit!About ALPA: [|The ALPA history in a nutshell]Original registration (PDF): Registration of the ALPA brand in Switzerland on 19 Feb 1946Jean Desmaison: ALPA 12 SWA - La Légende (French only)

ALPA Birthday