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ALPA Sync Release Mk II


The new triggering experience.

March 13, 2015
ALPA Sync Release Mk II

At Photokina 2010 ALPA introduced an innovative and compact wake-up solution for digital backs operated with Copal 0 shutters. Some four years later it was time to replace it with an even more compact product fully compatible to the existing sync cabling (all series). And we managed to design it for a triggering experience as smooth and sensitive as without any additional device when operating it handheld. The ALPA Sync Release Mk II comes with a release button for handheld operation as well as for cable release use. It is compatible with all Copal 0 shutters.For an optimal operation we also introduced professional cable releases of 50 cm and 80 cm.The ALPA Sync Release Mk II is available with immediate effect.For more information, see...[/en/article/sync-release-mk-ii|ALPA Sync Release Mk II][/en/article/pro-cable-release-50cm|ALPA/Schreck Professional cable release 50 cm][/en/article/pro-cable-release-80cm|ALPA/Schreck Professional cable release 80 cm]