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Photokina 2016: ALPA supports the new Sinarback S 30|45


Adaptation for the new Sinarback.

September 15, 2016
Photokina 2016: ALPA supports the new Sinarback S 30|45
Newly Introduced Product

ALPA is delighted to have also the newly introduced Sinarback S 30|45 on its booth together with exclusive lenses form CW Sonderoptic.

From the Sinar press releases: “The new Sinarback S 30|45 - The new Sinarback S 30|45 was specially designed for mobile use and is uniquely versatile for shooting photos and film. A high-resolution 3-inch display guarantees a perfect overview of photographs in every situation or produces a live image directly on the display. WLAN offers the option of comfortable operation with an iPad. The CF and SD memory card slots ensure a reliable workflow also outdoors. With tethered shooting, the USB 3.0 connection routes the data directly to the Sinar CaptureFlow software. The Sinarback S 30|45 provides maximum flexibility, extreme sensor sensitivity of up to ISO 12500 and extensive capturing features for photographs and videos in the highest quality.

Built-in Video Option - This digital back can do more than just take pictures. A Leica CMOS sensor with micro lenses (37.5 megapixels) and a Leica Maestro II image processor also provide the option of shooting videos in Full HD up to 4K.“

Sinar will also show the integration of Leics S lenses into their new back solution. ALPA is already able to show an appropriate adaptation of the all new back into its platform. The new video option will add to the versatility of the digital medium format as well as offering new dimension to its users. For further information, see