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Photokina 2016: ALPA Silex - The new Swiss knife


New modularity and versatility in medium format photography.

September 15, 2016
Photokina 2016: ALPA Silex - The new Swiss knife

ALPA's credo was and is to offer their users the outmost modularity, flexibility and protection of their investment. ALPA is pleased to announce in its anniversary year a number of future-oriented products for existing and new customers. ALPA aims to provide highly tailor-made photographic equipment. With 18 new products for this Photokina ALPA is underpinning this claim.ALPA SILEX – THE NEW SWISS KNIFEThis compact control module ALPA SILEX (reminiscent of the once universal biface tool made from flint stone/silex) offers all the functionality you have seen with the proven ALPA 12 FPS – without a built in focal plane shutter. SILEX enables every existing conventional ALPA 12 camera with new functionality and operates all lenses equipped with eShutter 250 or 125 in combination with the ALPA eShutter Control.But that there is much more: Add the all new ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter and use any ALPA 12 FPS lens adapter on any existing ALPA 12 body. This will offer completely new choices for ALPA’s users. The cooperation with Hasselblad will open the ALPA to an even better integration of the complete palette of Hasselblad HC/HCD lenses. Together with video capable digital backs Canon, Contax 645, Nikon PC-E, Rollei can be used as well. And there will be more choices in the future.Together with the eShutter control and the electronical lens adapter ALPA SILEX reaches way beyond what was possible in the past in medium format photography.