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Pushing the boundaries with focus stacking


18. April 2024, Toronto/Canada - Live focus stacking demo with Peter Andrew Lusztyk. Featuring the ALPA Macro & Focus Stacking Kit, Phase One IQ4 150.

February 1, 2024
Pushing the boundaries with focus stacking
Photo Show and Exhibitions
Peter Andrew Lusztyk

We are happy to announce our new representation and partnership in Toronto, Canada: B3K Digital

On 18. April 2024 B3K Digital dedicates the event ALPA & Phase One to a recent collaborative project between B3K Digital, commercial photographer Peter Andrew Lusztyk, and ALPA of Switzerland.

During this occasion, Peter Andrew Lusztyk will do a live demo of his photography workflow. He talks about the project and the merits of macro photography by engaging ALPA Focus Stacking.

B3K Digital, Peter Andrew Lusztyk, and ALPA of Switzerland look forward to welcoming you to this special event.

Peter Andrew Lusztyk is a commercial photographer, based in Toronto, Canada. He started his professional career as an apprentice photographer and worked as a freelance assistant.

Pushing the Boundaries with Focus Stacking

Macro photography discloses a fascinating world of details, patterns, and textures that are often overlooked.

Peter will be demonstrating his use of ALPA + Phase One to create sharp, minimalist macro photography through focus stacking techniques.