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Photokina 2016: ALPA introduces ALPA eShutter Control - New Shutter Options


World's first fully mobile control unit for the Sinar/Rodenstock eShutter.

September 15, 2016
Photokina 2016: ALPA introduces ALPA eShutter Control - New Shutter Options

ALPA's credo was and is to offer their users the outmost modularity, flexibility and protection of their investment. ALPA is pleased to announce in its anniversary year a number of future-oriented products for existing and new customers. ALPA aims to provide highly tailor-made photographic equipment. With 18 new products for this Photokina ALPA is underpinning this claim.ALPA eSHUTTER CONTROL – NEW SHUTTER OPTIONSWith the introduction of the all new Sinar/Rodenstock eShutter 250 users get offered a new, precise and long lasting leaf shutter solution optimized for the digital workflow. The fastest shutter speed of 1/250s allows the better use outside of the studio. But mobility remains restricted due to the need of tethered operation.Solving this issue, ALPA shows the newly developed ALPA eShutter Control. This module is hand-grip shaped and attaches to the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA SILEX (see below). It provides the power supply and logical interface to and from the eShutter unit. It integrates completely in the unique and proven user interface of the ALPS 12 FPS and ALPA SILEX. This integration allows the use of T to 1/250s with the built in leaf shutter (also fastest flash sync time) and adds seamlessly faster shutter speeds up to 1/4000s with the integrated focal plane shutter of the ALPA 12 FPS. The camera switches fully automatically between the two shutters also during bracketing sequences. The new ALPA eShutter Control is also compatible with the older eShutter 125 with its fastest shutter time of 1/125s.The ALPA eShutter Control is a world’s first in making the shutter mobile and suitable for outdoor use. Developed fully on CAD the body is completely additively manufactured before getting equipped with the electronic components. After the introduction of the wide choice of completely additively manufactured lens shades ALPA shows its experience in this field. All new functionality will be supported via new firmware – free of cost as usual.