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Photokina 2016: ALPA Introduces ALPA Arri PL Mount


ALPA releases additional products for still and movie photography

August 18, 2016
Photokina 2016: ALPA Introduces ALPA Arri PL Mount

News Photokina 2016: ALPA introduces new products for still and movie photography. Sooner or later digital medium format backs will feature enhancements into movie capability. As a preparation for this and in order to offer a seamless integration of the same lens look and feel in still photography ALPA has developed a professional PL mount adapter (for film lenses, mount can be individually shimmed with shims delivered with the product) and a universal rail adapter based on the so called 'NATO standard' also found with RED® and others.ALPA is convinced such functionality will become standard in the future even if it will take some time to perfect. Nevertheless, ALPA wants their customers to be able using such gear with their existing ALPA cameras and especially the ALPA 12 FPS with built in shutter already today.In addition, ALPA has developed a tilt/swing adapter suitable for the ALPA PL mount adapter and others. This will offer new artistic possibilities in both still and movie photography in the future.All products can be ordered immediately and will be shown at the ALPA stand B21 in hall 2.1 during Photokina 2016 taking place from 20 - 25 September in Cologne.ALPA will inform continuously on further new products shown at Photokina 2016 in Cologne.Product Page: [/en/article/lens-module-arri-pl-mount|ALPA FPS Lens Adapter Arri PL Mount]Press Release PackageALPA Releases Additional Products for Still and Movie Photography