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May 19, 2016
ALPA Check & Clean Service

ALPA cameras are tools of highest precision for professionals and ambitious amateurs. Like all tools, with ALPA cameras regular maintenance, inspection and if necessary adjustment is the warrant for perfect results. For this reason, ALPA offers owners of the ALPA 12 series the ALPA Check & Clean service.For a flat rate of• 150.00 CHF for cameras without shift, except ALPA 12 FPS> ALPA part. number 990.101.003• 200.00 CHF for cameras with one shift direction ALPA 12 SWA and STC> ALPA part. number 990.102.003• 300.00 CHF for cameras with movement in two directions such as the MAX or XY, Lens Modules for the ALPA 12 FPS> ALPA part. number 990.103.003• 300.00 CHF (ALPA 12 FPS)> ALPA part. number 990.201.003The following works are carried out• The flange focal distance - the decisive criterion for perfect sharpness "on the spot" (all cameras)• The integrated levels• The pressure of the mounting levers (all cameras)• The smooth running of the adjustment (ALPA 12 SWA, STC, MAX, XY)• The wear and tear of the "click stops" (ALPA 12 STC, MAX, XY)• The adjustment of shutter timing and the state of the firmware (ALPA 12 FPS)In addition, we can check• for the adjustment of the digital backadapter for 150.00 CHF (ALPA part. number 990.202.003 - „Shimming“, only for submission together with the digital back possible)• for the adjustment of tilt adapters 150.00 CHF (ALPA part. number 990.203.003).If during the review of the equipment additional measures are in need to be carried out, the flat rate also includes a binding cost estimate. All prices are ex works (shipment, custom cost and local VAT are not included)With the introduction of the ALPA Check & Clean Service we are responding to the fact that the oldest "in circulation" ALPA cameras are now almost 20 years old and at the same time, more and more of our valued ALPA customers obtaining cameras and equipment pre-owned with partially unknown usage history. Please contact for handling and shipment one of a local ALPA representative. Customers from countries where there is no ALPA representatives or having acquired equipment directly in Zurich also can apply via the repair web form to participate in the "Check 'n Clean" program:ALPA Check & Clean ServiceIf you have any further inquiries, we will be happy to address them! Have also a look at our program for lens conversions.Complete ALPA Check & Clean Service[/en/article/check-and-clean-tc-wa|ALPA check and clean for cameras without shift (except for 12 FPS)][/en/article/check-and-clean-stc-swa|ALPA check & clean for cameras with one shift movement][/en/article/check-and-clean-max-xy-fps-lens-modules|ALPA check & clean for cameras with two shift movements as for FPS lens modules][/en/article/check-and-clean-fps|ALPA check and clean for ALPA 12 FPS][/en/article/check-and-clean-shimming-digital-back|ALPA Shimming of digital back adapter][/en/article/check-and-clean-adjusting-tiltswing-adapters|ALPA Adjusting of tilt/swing adapter]Complete ALPA Lens Conversion Service[/en/article/lens-conversion-lb-to-sb34|ALPA Lens Conversion LB to SB 34][/en/article/lens-conversion-lb-to-sb17|ALPA Lens Conversion LB to SB17][/en/article/lens-conversion-sb17-to-fps-sb17|ALPA Lens Conversion SB17 to FPS SB17][/en/article/lens-conversion-lb-to-fps-sb17|ALPA Lens conversion LB to FPS SB17]