The ALPA Log

Training day in Bretagne, France


Experience the full product range of Alpa and Phase One during the training day in Châteaugiron near Rennes on June 29th 2015.

June 7, 2015
Training day in Bretagne, France

In the pleasant surroundings of the Ar Milin' region, discover the range of Alpa cameras and Phase One novelties.A hands-on training with the equipment as well as with Capture One software will be offered to allow you to realize the exceptional quality of these solutions.The annual exhibition of sculptures in the park Ar Milin' as part of the 13th edition of Jardin des Arts will allow you to combine business with pleasure and at the same time shoot images with the test equipment on location.This is an open event and free of charge.For inquiries contact:[|Prophot Rennes]Emerick PoppéM. Poppé by Mail06 69 36 61 19[|Ar Milin' Moulin Hotel Restaurant]