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Our Standard in Photogrammetry: ALPA 12 FPS add|metric


The ALPA 12 FPS add|metric is the measuring instrument among the ALPA cameras and an example of how we implement special customer requirements.

March 13, 2018
Our Standard in Photogrammetry: ALPA 12 FPS add|metric

Measuring objects optically can be easily done by a smartphone photo, but if you want to have it scientifically accurate, you need a special camera. With the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric we have brought one of the most modern devices on the market in this field in cooperation with the Jade University in Oldenburg.Particularly reliable at close rangePhotogrammetry originally meant the capture of properties, shape and position of objects by means of photographic images. A distinction is made between close range and remote sensing. Photogrammetry is most widespread today in the field of geodesy, where digitalisation makes many applications possible. However, conventional SLR cameras do not meet the extraordinary requirements for professional photogrammetry.ALPA has always set itself the task of developing tailor-made solutions for photography and beyond. With the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric we are presenting a special camera that demonstrates its strengths within photogrammetry, especially in the close-up range. We use the camera to target research and development, architectural offices, monument protection and archaeology.

The ALPA 12 FPS add|metric.Possible through 3D PrintingThe challenges in developing cameras for special applications are rapidly changing markets, short product lifecycles and limited quantities due to increasingly individual customer requirements. In view of this, the conventional way of developing and manufacturing a niche camera such as the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric would have been too expensive. Therefore, this camera is an ideal field of application for the method of additive manufacturing or additive manufacturing (AM). Together with ETH Zurich and other scientific partners, we have had very good experiences with this technology in recent years.On the basis of the ALPA 12 FPS we have developed add|metric, an instrument that is characterized by its stability. The electro-mechanical lock of the ALPA 12 FPS offers the best prerequisites for this, as it functions largely vibration-free. In order to meet the high demands of photogrammetry, we have equipped the camera with a laser-sintered frame that stabilizes the camera body, lens and digital back. This prevents inaccuracies on the images.During the development phase, we tested the ALPA 12 add|metric using, among other things, the historical Hanseatic cog from Bremen, which is exhibited at the German Maritime Museum in Bemerhaven and dates back to 1380. In order to determine the accuracy of the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric, photogrammetric image bandages with approx. 460 photographs were produced using three different digital backs. Hundreds of retro-reflective measuring marks were attached to the cog and its support frame for automatic evaluation of the images. All examinations confirmed the high stability of the camera and resulted in an absoute accuracy of 0.3 mm over a distance of 28 meters.

Recordings during the tests at the German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven (above) and at the Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg.Clear advantages in applicationThe ALPA 12 FPS add|metric offers numerous features that we have optimized especially for use within photogrammetry:• Both for close-range photogrammetry and remote sensing• Individually configurable through production by means of additive manufacturing (3D printing• Digital backs up to 100 MP usable• High-performance optics for highest resolution and point measurement accuracy• Highly precise results thanks to strong stability• Future- and investment-safe due to the modular structure of the ALPA assortment• Image processing with standard applications such as Agisoft Photoscan and AICON DPALinks[/en/article/alpa-fps-addimetric|ALPA 12 FPS addmetric][/en/artikel/hr-alpagon-4-040-mm-fps-sb17|Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/40 mm, FPS SB17][/en/site/tailor-made-3d-printed-photo-equipment|Tailor-made Photo Equipment]