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A successful collaboration with separate viewpoints


Exploring the UK's North from two completely different viewpoints.

July 17, 2016
A successful collaboration with separate viewpoints

UK photographer Karl Holtby was offered an A-Series by Phase One for testing. He did some landscape work around the Isle of Skye with the gear. He had the opportunity to do this together with Darryll Jones who covered the trip from the viewpoint of 'Eric the Storm Trooper'. Read more on his blog post over at Phase One's website. BTW, Karl recently became official ambassador to Phase One and the A-Series.Link: Blog Post @ Phase OneKarl's website: www.karlholtby.comDarryll/Eric's website: www.haveyouseeneric.comProduct page: [/en/article/alpa-phase-one-a-series|ALPA / PHASE ONE A-Series]