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ALPA Platon Modular Moving Image Camera


ALPA Platon Modular Moving Image Camera

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ALPA Platon Modular Moving Image Camera - Complete ALPA PLATON Kit (without digital back and lenses) consists of the camera body, adapter plate, LWS, battery holder, and cage for H6D-100c digital back from Hasselbald, cabling, and accessories - without digital back.

ALPA PLATON Kit (without digital back)

The ALPA PLATON system combines sensors with more than 60mm diagonal with state-of-the-art cine lenses to a compact and powerful unit and opens up completely new possibilities for filmmakers: The large sensor enables the user to work with selective depth of field and gives the images an impressive three-dimensionality and plasticity. At the same time, the small format factor allows the system to be used in gimbals and makes it the ideal B-camera for other 65mm systems. The ALPA PLATON system offers you numerous connection options such as Arri rosettes, Nato rail, ULCS balls and 15mm rod systems.

ALPA is taking advantage of the 4K medium-format video recording option offered by the Hasselblad H6D-100c digital back and expanding its range to include moving images:

With the H6D-100c, the Swedish manufacturer Hasselblad is the first to provide a digital back with a 100 megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 53.4 x 40.0 mm, which today already enables 4K videos across the entire sensor and could even offer 8K in future sensor versions.

At 16:9, this corresponds to around 53.4 x 30 mm and 61 mm image circle. In addition to the Hasselblad proprietary RAW format, which can be converted to Cinema DNG with the help of Phocus software, there is also the option of recording videos in HD quality in H.264 format. The data can be stored on SD or Cfast cards.

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ALPA Platon Modular Moving Image Camera