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ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/40 mm


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Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/40 mm

A product type describes one or several products sharing the same primary base product. Like all HR ALPAGON 32 mm lenses: The same elemental lens but various lens mounts and with different shutter types or aperture mounts. Such a product type may also be the versions of an ALPA camera or a 3rd party product.

Very wide and kind of a wide-angle standard lens in the ALPA lens range.

HR ALPAGON 40 mm - The Workhorse

If the conversation comes to the HR ALPAGON 40mm, then the term "workhorse" usually comes up very soon - and quite rightly so, because, for many (professional) photographers, the 40mm is the standard solution for their ALPA. If you wanted to mark it as a "bread and butter" lens, you would be wrong, however: With its brilliant performance and its image circle of 90mm, it plays in the same league as the legendary HR ALPAGON 32mm, but is due to its slightly narrower angle same light intensity significantly lighter, more compact and therefore more robust. It covers (based on 40x54mm) an equal angle as a 28mm lens on a 35 mm camera and allows even the so-called medium format back (40x54mm) even shifts of up to 16mm — a real companion and workhorse.

The HR ALPAGON 40mm can often be found together with an HR ALPAGON 70mm in a photo backpack, bag, or case. It is not for nothing that many newcomers to the ALPA system opt for this combination, not only for the focal length range but also for the two Optics' optical characteristics perfectly harmonized.

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