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ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/32 mm


Current Product

Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/32 mm

A product type describes one or several products sharing the same primary base product. Like all HR ALPAGON 32 mm lenses: The same elemental lens but various lens mounts and with different shutter types or aperture mounts. Such a product type may also be the versions of an ALPA camera or a 3rd party product.

Super Wide: With its image circle of 90 mm this lens reaches - when stitched - the angle of view of the HR 23.

HR ALPAGON 32mm - The Reference for Architectural Photography

For many reasons, the ALPAGON 32mm HR comes with a real exceptional position in the ALPA lens portfolio: Together with the HR ALPAGON 50mm and HR ALPAGON 90mm, it forms the "Holy Trinity" of the ALPA photographers. Its large 90mm image circle allows full adjustment ranges for perspective correction and offers enormous potential for the stitching of single images: Our HR ALPAGON 32mm almost reaches the angle of view of the HR 23. Besides, the short barrel versions allow either tilt/swing on a traditional ALPA or use on an ALPA 12 FPS.

Worldwide, the HR ALPAGON 32mm is the reference for architectural photographers who appreciate it's down to the edge of outstanding resolution. Optimized for resolution and freedom from chromatic aberration, it beautifully preserves facades' surface texture and reproduces even the most exquisite architectural details. The radially symmetric distortion can be corrected well in post-processing (for example, with the ALPA Lens Corrector).

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