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TrioPod-Pro 75 and Classic Ball 5 II


With the latest two products, ALPA makes photographers' lives a little easier again. The TrioPod-Pro 75 tripod carries even the heaviest equipment reliably and is still easy to transport thanks to its replaceable carbon legs. The Classic Ball 5 II is aimed at the friends of tripod ball heads.

January 31, 2018
TrioPod-Pro 75 and Classic Ball 5 II

Following the introduction of the ALPA GON modular tripod system, ALPA now offers a new and high-quality solution for those who favor ball tilt heads: The Classic Ball 5 II. While the GON impresses with its angular shape, the Classic Ball 5 II from ALPA / Novoflex is well-rounded. It supports superstructures weighing up to 12 kilograms and can be adjusted to the desired orientation in no time at all. Its properties make it universally applicable. It offers an excellent platform for landscape and panoramic photography in particular.

ALPA / Novoflex Classic Ball 5 II.Depending on your preference, the Classic Ball 5 II can be mounted with the ball pointing upwards and the panorama plate on the base or vice versa. The horizontal scaling of the panorama function is 360 degrees, and the spherical neck can also be safely embedded in three pre-milled openings, allowing it to be used in portrait format.

ALPA / Novoflex Classic Ball 5 II mounted on tripod - standard configuration with pano plate at the base.

ALPA / Novoflex Classic Ball 5 II mounted on tripod - upside down with pano plate on top.An important feature in the development of the Classic Ball 5 II was the possibility to measure the friction of the ball as precisely as possible and thus save important time during shooting. The answer to this is the rotating adjustment ring, which allows the ball head to be moved gradually with the desired resistance. The lever on the side blocks the head completely. This means that even the smallest adjustments can be made without loosening the entire ball and running the risk of the camera body tilting sideways during adjustment.Heavy Duty Tripod from ALPA / NovoflexWith the Classic Ball 5 II tripod head, ALPA presents a new alternative for setting up the camera system. Furthermore, we have also considered something new for the solid basis underneath: The TrioPod Pro 75 tripod is characterized by its load capacity of 65 kilograms and its maximum height. When using the tripod legs and without tripod head/middle column, a maximum working height of 1.54 m is achieved, which can be increased by 50 cm to 2.0 m with the optionally available carbon leg extensions. The pack size is just 57 cm (4-part legs) and 69 cm (3-part legs).

The TrioPod Pro 75 is available with 4-part legs (shorter one on the left) or 3-part legs.Spain-based photographer Dan Lindberg already went out with the new TrioPod Pro 75 and the ALPA GON to capture the landscape of Andalusia, Spain. "Love the new tripod", he writes back to us. "When you feel the precision and stability, you forget the weight of heavy setups. Long exposures are perfect each time."

Setup with TrioPod Pro 75, GON modular tripod head and ALPA 12 FPS. © Dan Lindberg

TrioPod Pro 75, ALPA GON modular tripod head and ALPA 12 Max. © Dan LindbergThe TrioPod Pro 75 works in combination with all common tripod heads, of course including the ALPA GON and the ALPA / Novoflex Classic Ball 5 II. It also offers numerous expansion options. On the one hand, the carbon legs are removable and replaceable. This saves space and, depending on your preferences, legs can be attached with three or four segments. A single leg can also be used as a monopod.Conversely, it is of course also possible to combine the sturdy and massive legs of the Triopod Pro 75 with the finer tripod head of the ALPA / Novoflex Triobal tripod head. The complete centre plate of the tripod can be removed and replaced by a crank column or a levelling base. The ALPA / Novoflex Levelling Base is expected to be introduced as a product by spring 2018.Many connections possibleLike the Classic Ball 5 II, the TrioPod Pro 75 follows the modular philosophy of our company. The connections at the end piece of the ball head as well as via the tripod are made alternatively by means of a 1/4" or 3/8" thread.Both products correspond to the international mounting standards UniQ/C (Dove Tail) and Universal Rail ("Nato Rail"). This ensures the highest possible connectivity with products from different manufacturers, including video applications.ALPA / Novoflex provides a vide range of mounting accessory, making your preferred setup possible. Please contact us for informations about the complete assortment.

TrioPod Pro 75 with different Universal Rail clamps.With the Classic Ball 5 II and the TrioPod Pro 75, ALPA offers photographers a perfect basis for easy and fast handling, precision, flexibility and outstanding workmanship.Products already available in a first batch:ALPA / Novoflex Classic Ball II, professional price CHF 794ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod-Pro 75 Set with carbon legs C3930 and drum stick legs (length 161 cm, closed 60.5 cm), professional price CHF 1,393ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod-Pro 75 Set with carbon legs C3940 and drum stick legs (length 161 cm, closed 50 cm), professional price CHF 1,393Availability planned for February 2018:ALPA / Novoflex Levelling Base MBAL-PRO 75, professional price CHF 357All prices ex works Switzerland.Links[/en/article/triopod-pro-75-c3930|ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod Pro 75, 3-part legs][/en/article/triopod-pro-75-c3940|ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod Pro 75, 4-part legs][/en/article/alpa-classic-ball-5-ii|ALPA / Novoflex Classic Ball 5 II][/en/site/new-accessory-mounting-system-universal-rail|ALPA / Novoflex Accessory Mounting System][/en/article/triopod-pro-75-levelling-base|ALPA / Novoflex Levelling Base]