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Our first ALPA class in Italy will take place at the end of August in South Tyrol. The registration deadline has been extended until June 30.

June 7, 2017
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

There are still places available for ALPA Class in South Tyrol from August 23 to 27.We therefore extended the deadline from End of May to June 30.ALPA Class is taking place on the wine estate Lageder in Margreid as part of the IF/Summer Academy. The focus is on architectural photography as well as still life photography. The heritage buildings on the estate lead back to the 13th century. They build a strong contrast to the modern industrial structure.Your course instructor will be ALPA-photographer Dan Lindberg, assisted by several experts. They will give direct feedback and allow you to improve your skills and learn new techniques.If you always wanted to work with ALPA-equipment, you will have the opportunity to do so. Cameras, objectives and kits will be available on demand. To read the details about ALPA class, please follow this link.The application form can be found directly on the IF/Summer Academy website.

© Ralph Rosenbauer

© Ralph Rosenbauer