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A Case Full of Possibilities: ALPA GON Tripod Kit


The ALPA GON modular system fits any photographic application. Now it comes as a set in a solid case.

June 26, 2017
A Case Full of Possibilities: ALPA GON Tripod Kit

In 360 Degree Panoramic Photography, cameras need full freedom in movement. To us, it was only consequent to test our new ALPA GON Tripod Case in this environment. Our testing person was Thomas Bredenfeld, one of the most respected experts in Panoramic Photography. Bredenfeld has been working in this field for more than 20 years. His name is known especially in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.For more than ten years, Thomas Bredenfeld has been a member of the Pano-Tools list. He is a lecturer for a wide range of events referring to panoramic photography, image editing and multimedia aspects of photography. In 2011, he helped to organize the annual PanoTools meeting in Vienna. Bredenfelds book „Panoramafotografie – Digitale Fotopraxis“ is a standard reference for German speaking panoramic photographers.We hope, our ALPA GON Tripod System will also be a standard reference for all photographers, whether they focus on panorama or other subjects. ALPA GON is based on a modular design and can be used for any purpose in photography.One solution for allThis summer, Thomas Bredenfeld took our new ALPA GON Tripod Kit on the road. The set is now available. It contains the ALPA GON Tripod Head, Triobal Mini Leveling Head, Pano Plate, Nodal Point Rail, Carbon Tripod Legs and Drumstick Legs as well as other accessories.Product Page: [/en/article/alpa-gon-tripod-kit-1|ALPA GON Tripod Kit 1]

Amongst other places, the ALPA GON Tripod Kit has been tested at IVRPA in Vienna and at Thomas Bredenfeld's workshop at Photo-Adventure in Duisburg. It was mainly used as an exemplary construction for an „Astro-Panorama“-setup – completed with VR-products from Novoflex.Astro-Panorama-Setup with ALPA GON. © Thomas Bredenfeld

According to Thomas Bredenfeld, the ALPA GON proved its versatility once again. „The setup with ALPA GON has high load carrying capacity“, he says. „The modules are very stable and precise, even if you add a lot of parts to your setup. The participants at the workshop were pretty impressed.“Panoramic photography with ALPA GON, showing the Landscape Park Duisburg-Süd. © Thomas Bredenfeld

Also check out the interactive panorama viewALPA GON Tripod Kit is another example of our modular philosophy. All our prodcuts correspond to the UniQ/C-Standard. Photographers, therefore, are able to combine different products from different brands as needed. We look forward to inform you about the full potential of our gear. For any further questions, please contact ALPA of Switzerland or your local dealer.Links[/en/article/alpa-gon-tripod-head|Product page ALPA GON Head]Website Thomas Bredenfeld