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Premiere of "Monte Verità" at Filmfestival Locarno


A great and glamorous stage for the much anticipated Swiss movie.

August 6, 2021
Premiere of "Monte Verità" at Filmfestival Locarno

Last weekend, the new Swiss film "Monte Verità" celebrated its premiere at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival.
Unfortunately, due to heavy rain, the film had to be shown inside a nearby city hall and not on the Piazza Grande as planned.

"Monte Verità, 1906. The young mother Hanna Leitner wants nothing more than to break out of her bourgeois role and social corset. She
leaves her family behind and flees to the Monte Verità sanatorium. In the midst of the idyllic nature of Ticino and in the courageous devotion to her art, Hanna is soon faced with an inwardly tearing decision: Can she return to her family without giving up on herself?"

ALPA is very proud to see the final film and is especially excited about the scenes showing the main protagonist taking pictures. On the one hand, of course, because of our great enthusiasm for everything photography related and, on the other hand, because the ALPA Platon Cinema solution was used for these shots. We are curious how this will show up in the final (moving)pictures.

The film will be released in Swiss cinemas on 26th of August.

FIlmfestival Locarno Official Website