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WE WON! PLATON wins cinecAward 2018


The cinecAwards are presented by the Society for CineTechnik Bayern (CTB), and awarded to innovative and trendsetting products and developments of the Motion Picture Technology. The ALPA Platon was awarded in the category Camera Technology.

September 30, 2018
WE WON! PLATON wins cinecAward 2018

On the 12th International Trade Fair for Cine Equipment and Technology in Munich, the "Platon 65mm Cinema Camera System" wins the cinecAward 2018. The cinec 2018 took place from 22nd to 24th September in Munich.The competition entry submitted by Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH as exhibitor features the video system ALPA Platon with the video-compatible digital back Hasselblad H6D-100c and the large format lenses of the Thalia series by Ernst Leitz Wetzlar. Together they form a unique and outstanding video system - larger than large.The outstanding cooperation and combination of the three companies ALPA, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, Hasselblad and the participation of ETH Zurich were emphasized. In the field of additive manufacturing, ALPA works closely with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering Institute of Design, Materials & Manufacturing.pd|z Product Development Group Zurich.

WE WON! PLATON wins cinecAward 2018

From left to right:Georg Eisenreich, Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs, Media and EuropeRalph Rosenbauer, Head R&D ALPA of SwitzerlandMarko Massinger, CEO BØR ConsultingGerhard Baier, Managing Director Ernst Leitz Cine, WetzlarMaximilian Höhnle, Product Manager Project Platon, ALPA of Switzerland

ALPA Platon with Leitz Cine Thalia Lenses

The ALPA PLATON system combines sensors with diameters of more than 60mm with modern cine lenses to create a compact and powerful unit, opening up entirely new possibilities for filmmakers: The large sensor allows you to work with selective depth of field and gives the pictures a captivating three-dimensionality and plasticity. At the same time, the small format factor allows the system to be used in gimbals and makes it the ideal B camera for other 65mm systems. The ALPA PLATON system offers you numerous connection options such as Arri rosettes, NATO rail, ULCS balls, and 15mm rod systems.




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