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Platon and the Mountain of Truth


The shooting of the motion picture"Monte Verità" is currently in progress. On the set is the large-format, modular ALPA PLATON camera system.

September 3, 2020
Platon and the Mountain of Truth
A View Behind the Scences

In Valle Maggia in the Swiss canton of Ticino, the myth-enshrouded former colony of dropouts and artists on the "Mountain of Truth" is brought back to life. The historical drama "Monte Verità" is set around 1906 and tells the story of Hanna Leitner, mother of two, as she tries to escape her bourgeois role and thereby discovers her fascination for photography. The modular, large-format photographic system ALPA PLATON translates the protagonist's perspective and impression through the historical plate camera for the audience.

ALPA PLATON integrates the large-format Hasselblad H6D-100c digital back and the modular ALPA platform into a unique capturing system. The large sensor (40x54 mm, or 30x54 mm in 16:9) enables the user to work with selective depth of field and gives the images an impressive three-dimensionality and plasticity. Simultaneously, the compact size allows using the system in shooting situations where their physical dimensions limit other large-format systems. With the motion picture "Monte Verità" all these advantages come to fruition. For this specific application, ALPA PLATON will be used in setups with tilt module and classic vintage cine optics in PL mount, photographic medium format optics and macro/close-up and more.

The ALPA developed cooling system for the PLATON capture unit ensures efficiently and quietly a productive microclimate, which creates the conditions for extraordinary footage in 4k RAW.