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PIC-Workshop Was a Big Success


For the first time, ALPA participated in the PIC workshop. The feedback is highly positive.

May 23, 2017
PIC-Workshop Was a Big Success

ALPA cameras and their handling were one of the main topics at the latest PIC-Workshop from May 12 to 13 in Ravensburg, Germany. Technical Advisor Ralph Rosenbauer presented the products and their use in architectural, landscape and product photography.According to PIC, the event was a full success. "I was impressed by the technical specifications of ALPA cameras", co-organizer Andreas Becker from Becker Studios in Ravensburg wrote us. "It is amazing, what you can get out of that data. We received a lot of feedback and noticed a lot of curiosity on the part of our members." In the official report of the event, the haptics was mentioned: "The cameras convince every professional. ALPA's cautiousness in research and development guarantees reliability and value resistance."For ALPA, the workshop was a most welcome opportunity to discuss with professionals. We will use the feedback to improve our products and create new ones. Troughout the year, ALPA participates in similar events about photography. We will announce them on this website.

ALPA's scientific consultant Ralph Rosenbauer at the PIC-Workshop.© Michael Müller / becker-studios.deLinkWebsite PIC Federation