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Olympic Park Workshop with Julian Calverley


New edition of the magnificent ALPA Landscape Workshop with Julian Calverley at Olympic National Park in Washington State/USA from September 16 to 21, 2018 by Capture Integration.

June 25, 2018
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

Join Julian Calverley, ALPA and the CI Team at the beautiful Olympic National Park in Washington State for our ALPA Landscape Workshop! Our workshops consists of a combination of the finest photographic equipment in the world, in the most gorgeous locations, with the talent of our most exceptional clients as instructors. And this one is no exception. For years we have been drawn in by Julian Calverley’s work and we are ecstatic to host him again this year! Join ALPA, Phase One, and our CI experts for a week of extensive technical support and award winning customer service!

©Julian CalverleyLearn from Julian how to master light and scenery in a Turner like way. Julian is a friend of ours and standing ALPA user for years. We are very excited for this trip, ALPA co-owner André Oldani will be present personally supporting and counseling participants of this exquisite workshop together with the team of Capture Integration and Phase One/Leaf.

©Julian CalverleyWhy Olympic Park…Olympic National Park is a place of tremendous natural diversity and breathtaking beauty with over 922,651 acres of preserved wilderness. Little has changed since its first traces as a home of Native American tribes and, later, its first settlements by Europeans in the late 1500s.Remember, some of the best image are made in conditions when many photographers would head inside. Given this, and the brief nature of the workshop, we will not cancel shoots unless the weather is especially dire. Please remember to pack for cold morning sunrise shoots. As such, please plan your clothing for almost any conditions; we recommend layers.With nearly one million acres, Olympic National Park encompasses several distinctly different ecosystems and protects a rich mosaic of natural and cultural history. Untamed rivers flow from glacier-capped peaks through valleys of old-growth forests, waves crash against a shoreline rich with life, and only trails traverse the vast interior of this internationally recognized wilderness. Come explore!

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©Julian Calverley

©Julian Calverley