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Introducing ALPA Adapter Fuji G for Bellows


New possibilities for high end focus stacking and more

February 5, 2019
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

Have you always dreamed of advancing to the top league of macro photography? With the introduction of the affordable Fujifilm GFX 50R this is now possible. A universal, compact camera with 50MP sensor in 33x44 format and both fully electronic and mechanical focal plane shutter on a high-performance stacking solution from ALPA with high-end macro lens for large sensor. This is now becoming a reality with the connection ring for Fuji G cameras: The investment in a modular and universal system where the camera can always be updated cost-effectively with the latest system in the future.The adapter allows easy and safe mounting of a Fujifilm GFX body to an ALPA bellows unit or stacking solution. The V-Groove version also allows a comfortable adjustment of the alignment/rotation of the camera body.Product Page[/en/article/alpa-adapter-fuji-g|ALPA Adapter Ring Fuji G][/en/article/macro-switar-5-6105-mm|Alpa Macro Switar 5.6/105 mm float][/en/article/alpa-castel-micro|ALPA Castel Micro Focus Stacking]