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Class for Medium-Format Photography


Medium-format photography is fascinating and requires in-depth knowledge as well as craftsmanship. ALPA photographer Jost von Allmen now passes both on in a compact course.

April 2, 2018
Class for Medium-Format Photography

Medium format is often regarded as the supreme discipline in photography. In comparison with small format photography it requires more knowledge and craftsmanship. To make medium format access easier for those interested, the long-standing ALPA photographer Jost von Allmen will be offering a compact course in Münsingen near Bern on 11 May 2018. The class is part of Photo Münsingen, a popular photographic fair taking place between 11 and 13 May."Fascination Digital Medium Format" teaches the participants the methodical procedure and recording technique. In addition, Jost compares technical cameras, digital SLR cameras and mirrorless systems. Participants will also learn about the differences in image quality, especially when compared to 35mm full frame (24x36 mm).The course is aimed at advanced photographers and those with many years of experience. A contribution towards expenses of CHF 160 is charged for participation. All participants receive a course dossier after completion. The course takes place in the large hall of the Gasthof Ochsen in Münsingen near Bern.LinksInformation and registration (German)Photo Münsingen[/en/fotografen/von-allmen-jost#|Photographers Page Jost von Allmen]Website Jost von Allmen