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Teatri di Guerra


Photographs of the World War 1 mountain theater of the Isonzo by Luca Campigotto

June 21, 2014
Teatri di Guerra

BATTLES OF THE ISONZOBetween October 1915 and October 1917 twelve bloody battles were fought along the river Isonzo (Slovene Soča). The campaigns were part of the Italian/Austro-Hungarian war theater during World War I. Only the twelfth battle (also known as "Battaglia di Caporetto" or "Schlacht von Karfreit" in October/November 1917) was - with support of the Imperial German Army - successful but later seized up at the Piave.In the end all those battles were not really decisive for the outcome of the war. But it cost over half a million casualties on both sides. None of the warring parties reached their goals. The Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed and Italy's territorial claims to the point of Dalmatia never became reality. TEATRI DI GUERRA(WAR THEATRES)LUCA CAMPIGOTTO, 2014The Isonzo front stands as a synonyme for the insanity of war itself and especially the war in the mountains. Luca Campigotto has vividly documented the still existing places and memorials of this campaign up in the mountains: The caves and fortifications blasted out of the rock, the abandoned bunkers, the decayed bridges and ropeways. They give us an impression how grim this absurd battle against man and nature was. They tell the stories of all those attempts to displace their opponents, blast them away from the peaks and avoid getting killed by the next avalanche or disease. Along the Isonzo war theater the Italian Kingdom lost some 50% of all their over 600,000 victims during the whole war.André Oldani, Juni 2014Link IT [|Wikipedia]Link EN [|Wikipedia]Link GE [|Wikipedia]Photographs of the World War 1 mountain theater of the Isonzo by Luca Campigotto


Opening ceremony with the Italian president Giorgio Napolitano, 30/05/2014.The pictures are exhibited at the "Altare della Patria" (Altar of the Fatherland / Momumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II or Vittoriano) in Rome until August. The exhibition then moves on to be shown at the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) in Venice end of August.MORE OF LUCA CAMPIGOTTO, SEE...[/en/photographers/campigotto-luca/|Campigotto, Luca]