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Introducing X-Shutter for ALPA Lenses


From April 2021, we can start accepting lens modifications on and orders for new lenses in Phase One X shutter.

April 1, 2021
Introducing X-Shutter for ALPA Lenses
Newly Introduced Product

The X-Shutter (Phase One) is an electro-magnetic leaf shutter replacing the discontinued Copal 0 size leaf shutter.

Born from the industrial performance and precision of the Phase One Reliance Shutter (Phase One Industrial division) this shutter is now available for some large format lenses (ALPA ALPAGON and ALPAR lenses in the first wave and later ALPA lenses from Scheider-Kreuznach), meeting the needs of demanding users of ALPA technical cameras.

The X-Shutter has been designed to work with the Phase One IQ digital backs of the IQ4 type and later.


Starting April 2021, we will accept orders for lens modifications to Phase One X-Shutter. From this date, we also collect orders for new lenses in this new variant.

Please understand that the X-Shutter is a supplier part. ALPA and Qioptiq/Rodenstock have little influence on the availability of this shutter.  You will find all lens types that can be modified in the list for new lenses as below.

The modification price is for an existing ALPA lens with a helical mount and lens barrel into the same version with X-Shutter. For third-party lenses or a change in ALPA lens mount, the needed extra material (helical mount, lens barrel, conversion to "Gold Ring") will be charged on top.

We will also offer the modification of ALPA Schneider lenses, once all the quirks are sorted out.

Handling and Turnaround Times

Feel free to communicate your needs via the Planning or Repair form below. For the time being, the lenses must travel via ALPA HQ in Zurich. We will try to hold turnaround times as short as possible. Nevertheless, we want to support you closely and plan together with you to avoid delays. Due to the still ongoing pandemic situation the normal turnaround times may be increased. Therefore, please send lenses only after everything is prepared, and we give you the go.

For optimal coordination you can make use of the following planning tools:

A. General Planning of Modifications and New Lenses

Use this tool / survey for non-binding announcements of your interest in modifying existing lenses or new lenses. We will then help you with your plans.

Planning Data for X-Shutter (

B. Preparing for firm Modification Orders

Use this tool if you are an ALPA Dealer or if you are a customer without a dedicated ALPA dealership in your country. After receiving your request, we will get into contact with you.

ALPA Repair & Return Form (

Introductory Offer

For the X-Shutter launch, ALPA offers the modification price of existing ALPA lenses for CHF 3,980 and the lenses as listed below until further notice. All prices are ex Works Switzerland (without transport, insurance, taxes. etc.). All prices are subject to change.