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Introducing ALPA XO


Introducing ALPA XO for the FUJIFILM GFX100: Ultimate Protection, Better Ergonomics, Advanced Cinematography - Simply more than just a cage.

December 26, 2019
Introducing ALPA XO
Newly Introduced Product

Based in Switzerland, our brand has a history in the field of professional imaging for more than 70 years. We are toolmakers, dedicated to serving photographers and artists all over the world. Recognizing the photographic industry development and listening to our friends from all over the world, we started to think about branching into the world of moving images.

After our award-winning technology demonstration in the 65mm digital cinema camera solution ALPA PLATON and the professional lens series SWITAR, we now bring you ALPA XO - the Exoskeleton for the FUJIFILM GFX100.

ALPA is offering an introductionary discount of 10 % until end of Januar 2020.

Why make an exoskeleton for the FUJIFILM GFX100?

We immediately fell in love with the FUJIFILM GFX100 after its announcement to the market. It combines the ease of use of a modern DSLR or DSLM with a fantastic viewfinder, 5-axis-in-body-image-stabilization, and the incredible resolution of 102 megapixels! Such a versatile and powerful package has never been more affordable.

This new creative tool – a fully weatherproofed medium format camera – enables photographers to take on entirely new challenges. To undertake outdoor challenges and innovative expeditions, your GFX100 needs to be protected. No matter what you want to explore with your GFX100, we wanted to offer you the right tool.

When we noticed the GFX100 capabilities in capturing moving images, we were blown away. Internal 10bit F-Log recording of UHD and DCI 4K at 400mbit/s is impressive on its own, but even more important is the image recording area due to the sensor size.

For comparison, an ALEXA MINI shooting UHD (3840x2160 pixels) uses an active recording area with an image circle of 30,29mm, and an ALEXA LF uses 36,35mm. No comparison to the FUJIFILM GFX100 in contrast, as it uses 50,25mm. And it gets even better than that. The GFX100 surpasses even the mighty ALEXA 65 in this regard, which is using an image circle of 48,47mm with a maximum of 1'020mm² image recording area (in 16:9 - 5-perf 65mm) with the GFX100 leading at 50,25mm image circle or 1'079mm² of recording area in UHD mode.

Overview Sensor Sizes and Comparison

We weren't the only ones who were impressed – many of our friends in cinematography asked us to develop a solution. They wanted to make use of all the fantastic possibilities.

And here it is. It is called ALPA XO.

Fujfifilm GFX 100 and ALPA XO Cage: Fits like a glove

What is ALPA XO?

XO is simply the best Exoskeleton for digital cameras that have been built so far. Why? Just let us explain.


XO is your GFX's best friend. Its full aluminum construction protects your GFX even in demanding professional use and harsh environments. The possibility to lock down cables in the XO Guard or put in a safety wire through one of the threaded holes will save many cameras.

For Filmmakers, XO supports the PL-Mount (a future LPL-based solution is in development) mechanically. This support structure takes out the stress of the Fuji G-Mount that could be easily damaged by big and bulky cine lenses, primarily when used handheld or even mounted on gimbals, car rigs, and also drones.


The Fujifilm GFX100 is a fantastic camera, but it isn't perfect. We had many requests from friends to find a solution to improve the vertical grip. And we did!

Not only the vertical grip was improved by us, but also the regular one. The XO Exoskeleton follows the shape of the GFX's proper grip. Through the additional volume of the grip, the weight of the camera is much better to handle – even on long shooting days.

The XO-Exoskeleton works perfectly as L-bracket as well. Furthermore, XO offers the classic ALPA feature connector with two anti-twist pins on the bottom, allowing you to adapt your existing ALPA tripod-plates and more.


Within minutes the lean XO-Exoskeleton can transform the GFX100 into a full-fledged professional cinematography platform. It is your choice if you want to go small and light with the Exoskeleton only, or you want to build a big rig with the XO-PL Mount, the line of XO-Accessories, and even third-party ones. Over 200 1/4 "-20 and over a dozen 3/8 "-16 thread challenge the creativity in building your unique setup.

For focus pullers and professional cinematography applications, we even integrated a small titanium pin, indicating the position of the sensor plane — three individual locations for the focus pins.

The modular Top Handle ensures the perfect balance of the kit and provides even more mounting points. Besides, all XO-Exoskeletons come with the ALPA Swiss Tool, a universal tool with precision magnetic bits plus the Stubby Tool.


The XO-Exoskeleton fits your camera like a glove. In professional imaging, even the smallest error can cause unusable imagery due to the very narrow tolerances. Therefore, we went with the best production partners you can imagine. We just went with the best: Our partners in northern Italy are famous for manufacturing parts for high-end motorcycles or sports cars. Swiss corporations with a broad experience from medical equipment to Formula 1 made part of the development. And partners in South Germany, with decades of experience in building the most praised cinematography equipment in the world, are on board. The shimable PL-Mount, for example, ensures perfect flange even in the most extreme temperature conditions.


Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, the use of custom titanium screws and intensive testing in the harshest conditions will make sure that your XO will always work, no matter what.

The XO Rods are built from titanium. Meaning they are not only super lightweight but also ultra-strong and modular. They are perfect for use in gimbals and steady cams.


The ALPA XO is available in two distinctive color schemes. Please note that some additional elements may only be available in Midnight Black due to technical reasons.

ALPA XO MIDNIGHT BLACK: All black anodized aluminum for minimum reflections and the use in professional environments.

ALPA XO STORM GREY special edition: The extra in strength and surfaces with pleasing tactile feel in an appealing dark grey color. For those who seek the special (and don't compromise).


ALPAs most significant source of inspiration is the discussions with our customers, which work worldwide as photographers and filmmakers. Our products are based on real user stories of experienced professionals. One of our main credos is continuous product improvement. We rely on Additive Manufacturing (aka 3D-printing like SLS and SLM) for our prototyping. This technique allows us to go with short intervals between cycles and are improving our products continuously. This technology uses aluminum as a material. The final parts are produced in 'traditional' 3- and 5-axis CNC-milling (and turning), offering perfect surfaces and tolerances.

And now, and without further ado, here it is - ALPA XO EXOSKELETON

ALPA is offering an introductionary discount of 10 % until end of Januar 2020.

ALPA XO Range of Products in Detail

ALPA XO Storm Grey with Top Handle and ALPA PL Mount

ALPA XO Midnight Black with Top Handle, Light Weight Support and modular Titanium Rods - Shown with ALPA Switar 2.8/45 mm Cine Lens