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ETH - Serendipity Project


The students of the ETH set out for another research in the swiss mountains, again equiped with ALPA cameras for their second audiovisual fieldwork.

September 28, 2018
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

For their second course, called "Serendipity" held by the Chair of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich Prof. Girot, the students discussed the possibilities of spatial composition with photography and sound on the basis of a large structure in the landscape. This time, the group explored the "Lai da Ova Spin" a compensation reservoir and power plant in the region of Zernez, Switzerland.

Focusing on a single image"With analogue photography and development, we have chosen a medium that forces the students to rethink. There were only a limited number of negatives available and there was no way to check the results on site. Aspects which are no longer used in modern times, but which have led to the concentration on the individual image rising sharply and the moment of the impression is given a completely different meaning. " Matthias Vollmer, Research Associate, ETH

The project participants needed material that is absolutely reliable and allows for a high degree of precision and, at the same time, provides a simple and clearly understandable operation, as the students had very little time to prepare themselves. All this had to work under very difficult conditions: "At the beginning of March, there was still plenty of snow on the ground that was further covered with ice and rock. On the first day of our workshop, we also had to struggle with a snowstorm, but the results have convinced us and the disadvantageous circumstances aren't percieved.", Vollmer said. "The students have managed to put the cameras in the most impossible places to portray their personal view of the ice mass." Alpa's equipment has worked together with the analogue film without letting us feel the circumstances. "


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