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Get Even Closer with ALPA / Novoflex Bellows


With BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S, ALPA / Novoflex offers the most valuable and versatile bellows on the market. Almost all common cameras and lenses from different manufacturers can be connected to it.

February 27, 2018
Get Even Closer with ALPA / Novoflex Bellows

ALPA / Novoflex offer two solutions for photographers who want to expand further into the close-up range, based on different needs. In addition to their technical properties, BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S are distinguished by their precision, durability and versatility. Both devices correspond to the modular basic idea of the ALPA system and can be extended further with adapters.Reproduction and focus stacking with BALPRO 1The ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO bellows unit is perfectly suited for use outside the studio and impresses with its versatility. Preferred applications for BALPRO 1 are reproduction and focus stacking. The bellows supports almost any combination of lenses and cameras. The small dimensions of the device make transport easier, the lasered scale on the guide rail in combination with the handy rotary knobs ensures high-precision settings.

ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO 1 with adapters.

Setup with ALPA 12 FPS, ALPA / Rodenstock Macro Switar 5.6/105 mm, ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO 1 and additional ALPA Macro Adapter 52 mm between camera and digital back. Due to the modular design of the ALPA system, the distance between camera and lens can be extended beyond the extended bellows.Technical data BALPRO 1:Length: 200 mm (7.87 ")Width: 115 mm (4.52 ")Height: 150 mm (5.9 ")Weight: 755 g (1.6 lbs)Minimum extension bellows (without ALPA adapter): 40 mm (1.57 ")Maximum extension bellows (without ALPA adapter): 192 mm (7.55 ")Tilt and shift with BALPRO T/SBALPRO T/S is aimed at photographers who need a bellows for product photography with which tilting and shifting can be used. The properties of BALPRO T/S offer the highest degree of precision and flexibility. The combination possibilities are endless: 35 mm and medium format lenses as well as special lenses can be used with almost all 35 mm and medium format cameras.

ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO T/S bellows unit.The tilt/shift function is located on the camera and lens side of the bellows. The camera side offers the option of either connecting a camera or attaching a digital back directly. The latter is useful if the back part is equipped with an integrated electronic shutter or a lens with a mechanical shutter is used. The positions of both ends of the bellows can be shifted on the long side as well as turned and shifted laterally.The maximum backlash when swivelling is 15° on both sides, the backlash when sliding 11 millimetres to the left or right. These adjustment possibilities allow the acquisition of images according to Scheimpflug. Here too, scales ensure precise work.Turned 90° to the side and mounted on the tripod, the BALPRO T/S can also be used for vertical perspective correction within the aforementioned margin of 11 millimetres and 15°.Technical data BALPRO T/S:Length: 200 mm (7,87“)Width: 120 mm (4,72“)Height: 185 mm (7,28“)Weight: 975 g (2.14 lbs)

Setup with ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO T/S for photographs according to Scheimpflug or - rotated by 90° - with perspective correction.

Modular structure: BALPRO T/S can also be expanded with adapters.Both the front and rear of BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S are relative terms: The positioning of the lens and camera back can be done at both ends of the bellows.For connecting your ALPA camera and lens to the bellows, adapters are available. For the combination with lenses and cameras from other manufacturers, our partner Novoflex offers a wide range of solutions.BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S are available immediately. We will be happy to give you more information about the exact availability and further details. Call us for a detailed consultation.Links[/en/article/alpa-bellows-balpro-1|ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO 1][/en/article/alpa-bellows-balpro-ts|ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO T/S][/en/article/alpanovoflex-bellows-adapter|ALPA / Novoflex Bellows Adapter][/en/article/alpanovoflex-bellows adapters-with-levers|ALPA / Novoflex Bellows Adapter with Levers][/en/article/alpa-v-groove-adapter|ALPA / Novoflex V-Groove Adapter][/en/artikel/adapter-52-mm|ALPA Macro Adapter 52 mm]