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ALPA Visits AM Expo


Among other pioneers of Additive Manufacturing in Switzerland, ALPA participates at the AM Expo in Lucerne from March 6 to March 7, 2018.

March 1, 2018
ALPA Visits AM Expo

Being the first and only professional trade fair for Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the country, AM Expo plays a key role in establishing this technology in Switzerland. At the event, manufacturers show how AM can be used profitably and at the same time increase the User Experience.ALPA has taken on a pioneer role on Additive Manufacturing. We presented our projects for the first time at AM Expo 2017, and during the current trade fair from 6 to 7 March we will be providing information about our further experiences with AM.AM Report 2018 available soonSince 2014, we have been working successfully to integrate AM into the development of ALPA products. The results of our work are summarized in the AM Report which will be published on March 6.

Laser sintered ALPA Lens ShadeFurthermore, the progress we make with Additive Manufacturing, can be seen directly on the ALPA products. We offer a wide range of easy-to-handle lens shades, which are precisely adapted to the individual camera system, but at the same time durable and flexible.Lens Shades are the first ALPA products made by Additive Manufacturing. In the last two years, we have significantly increased complexity and launched the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric camera for metric photogrammetry. The frame is laser-sintered, which allows production in small quantities and gives the camera a high stability. This quality is of great importance in photogrammetry and the reason why commercial cameras are not suitable for this application.

ALPA 12 FPS add|metric with laser-sintered frame.To be continuedKnow-How from the development of the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric helped us to systematically integrated Additive Manufacturing into product development. One example is the development of a high-end video camera solution for the Hasselblad H6D-100C digital back.

ALPA High-end video camera solution with laser-sintered cage and battery holder for the H6D-100C digital back. © Scanderbeg SauerAdditive Manufacturing has become indispensable for ALPA. It allows us to quickly capture and implement feedback from users, especially in areas of application that are rapidly evolving, such as the convergence of photography and videography.In the near future we aim at further advancing our products using the advantages of Additive Manufacturing. We will keep on to share our experiences with this technology - on our website or at events like the AM Expo.ShowcaseAdditive manufacturing for high-end camerasLinks[/en/section/products/|ALPA Lens Shades][/en/article/alpa-fps-addimetric|ALPA 12 FPS addmetric][/en/site/alpa-and-moving-image-projects|ALPA H6D Video Solution]ALPA Showcase for AM Expo 2018AM Expo 2018